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  • Dreams come true through our softwarehouse.

  • Creative ideas, good price and smart solutions to amazing results.

  • Adashee Inc.

  • Because Simplicity, Joy and Happiness.

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We're specialists on custom software development, web and mobile apps.


We help to connect IT and business world.


We love creating of the difference and not only online marketing.

Our projects and products

We develop inhouse apps and projects to better world and happy customers:-)

who we are

„We want to make the world like joyful place for everyone.“

We develop custom apps, create graphic and web design, help with promote
and prepare our own projects and products
in agreement with our claim
"Because Simplicity, Joy and Happiness."

All what we do have to be accordance with the values of Adashee Inc. and us:

  • Cleanliness in the negotiations process, the source code.
  • Clarity in communication with the customer.
  • Simplicity in all, the path to perfection.
  • Professionalism backed by experience and at the same time constant self-improvement.
  • User experience any contact not only with the results of our work.
  • Kalokagathia following the example of the wise Greeks.

altname Martin
7 years experience with software development, project management, SaaS systems and marketing.
altname Iveta
User experience
Passionated proffesional in user experience, pedagogy and motivation programs.
altname Milan
Experienced Java/Android programmer.
altname Pavel
Experienced Java programmer, PhD.

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